Aluminum Water Bottles

Why Aluminum Water Bottles Are the Best Option

aluminum water bottles
red, green, blue and silver aluminum water bottles

Empty plastic water bottles are a major source of pollution. Those looking for a water bottle that is more environmentally friendly are now turning to aluminum water bottles. The biggest benefit to using aluminum bottles is the amount of money saved! These bottles eliminate the need to pay for expensive bottled water and can be refilled right from the kitchen sink. Aluminum bottles also help to eliminate feeling guilty about the environment, allowing you to feel as if you are doing your part to recycle and help preserve the future health of the planet.

Unlike drinking water from a plastic bottle, aluminum water bottles do not provide the same odd plastic aftertaste. Instead, the purity and crispness of water is maintained. Because these bottles hold any type of liquid they are also perfect for carrying soda, tea, juice, energy drinks or other liquids while on the go. Another major concern with using plastic bottles is the possibility of carcinogen chemicals leaching into the water; aluminum bottles do not have the same concern. To prevent aluminum from leeching into the beverage, a liner is placed on the inside of aluminum water bottles.

Aluminum bottles are light weight and portable and they can be taken along when running errands, at the gym, working at the office or on family picnics. The aluminum will keep water cooler for longer and the lids will help to prevent spills, the bottles can handle hot or cold drinks. Aluminum water bottles are also more creatively designed than glass, plastic or stainless steel bottles. Trendy colors, prints and designs are available for kids, men, women or sporty types. Customizable bottles are ideal for promoting businesses, giving out as wedding party gift or as a holiday or birthday gift. You can also find aluminum bottles that come with special features such as built in straws, flip tops and hook attachments.