SubZero 750 ML (25 oz) Stainless Steel Water Bottle

SubZero 750 ML (25 oz) Stainless Steel Water BottleSubzero stainless steel bottles are a fantastic way to keep hydrated while getting eco-friendly. They are resilient, lightweight, hygienic, non-corrosive, stain resistant, price tag productive, and recyclable. Stainless metal is recognized as one of the most secure alternatives for food and beverage containers. (more…)

10 thoughts on “SubZero 750 ML (25 oz) Stainless Steel Water Bottle”

  1. three. out of five stars
    It Rusts
    I purchased one additional than a year back and had tiny challenges with the cap, practically nothing big, nevertheless. I loved the bottle becoming so light and transportable.

  2. two. out of five stars
    not well worth the handful of bucks
    I purchased two of the SubZero h2o canteens at my native Walgreen\’s. At initially, I was incredibly excited to be making use of a thing that was environmentally pleasant.

  3. 1. out of 5 stars
    Helps make drinking water style like iron…
    We bought three of these for our little ones to use at college. We have a reverse osmosis filtration drinking drinking water faucet with 4 filters on it.

  4. five. out of five stars
    Extremely pleased total with the SUBZERO bottles I acquired at Kohl\’s
    I bought two of these SUBZERO stainless bottles at Kohl\’s at least 8 months back and am really pleased with each. I have not had any complications with them at all.

  5. 3. out of five stars
    Not an insulated bottle
    I must have looked nearer, substantially nearer, when I purchased this. Construction is okay, but the bottle is not insulated.

  6. 1. out of 5 stars
    Imparts metallic style and will rust
    I also obtained a single of these for cheap at Walgreens and discovered that you get what you pay out for. The bottle imparted a slight metallic taste from the starting that never ever went away, and…

  7. 1. out of 5 stars
    SubZero water bottle
    I purchased this bottle at a Walgreens. Witin only a couple of employs it designed a rust spot on the bottom and smelled extremely musty. It cannot be cleaned.

  8. one. out of 5 stars
    It rusts!
    I recently purchased 3 of these \”stainless steel\” water bottles from Walgreens, checked the bottles inside of out just before shopping for for any defects, the bottles \”look\” great, poured drinking water in…

  9. 1. out of 5 stars
    Black residue on cap
    Right after employing this bottle for a couple weeks I discovered a black residue on the threads.I usually rinsed the bottle before use.

  10. 3. out of five stars
    Properly produced, best isn\’t so terrific
    This is a good plenty of bottle, but I wish that the screw top rated had better fitting threads and didn\’t need me to really tighten it very rather rather tightly ahead of it stops leaking…

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